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1/18 Version Details

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Monster_Castle 1/29/2016 08:56 | Show all posts |Read mode
Monster Lords!Check out the details on what’s new in this version:

Newly Added Alliance Tourney:
- The Alliance Tourney will track the amount of points Alliances get during each week’s Conquest Wars and make a leaderboard
- The final Alliance Tourney leaderboard will take into account points obtained in Conquest Wars and number of King defeats
- Points Explanation:
  Conquest War Points Breakdown:
  1st Place gets 100 points, 2nd gets 60 points, 3rd gets 30, and 4th gets 5 points
   King Defeat Points Breakdown:
  the number of total times all members of your Alliance killed a King during any the Conquest Wars will be calculated, with each defeat of a King worth 1 point
- The Alliance Tourney will get each Monday at midnight GMT.
- Alliances ranked near the top will get awesome rewards, and the number one Alliance will get a one of a kind Champion Cup

New Battle Center:
- Players can operate the Training Room, Hero Throne, and Mojo Chamber from the Battle Center

Hero Dread System:
- Now, getting a hero you already have will increase that Hero’s Dread Points
- Get enough Dread Points and your Hero will get a Dread Badge
- Each Dread Badge will increase that hero’s HP and ATK by 10%

No More Hero Stars:
- No more stars will appear on your Heroes’ icons
- Evolving your Hero will directly increase the number of Passive Skill Slots

General Improvements:
- Improved log-in rewards: Players can keep getting log-in rewards after reaching 30 days
- PvP battles will display the number of Bloodstones you could win and show the number of Medals your opponent has
- A reminder will pop up when your 30 seconds of battle preparation are almost up
- You’ll return to the Conquest War interface after watching a Conquest War video, not your own castle’s interface
- There’s a new “Same Language” chat channel
- Newly added country leaderboard
- Added castle sharing function


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GREED 1/29/2016 14:41 | Show all posts
2 of my suggestions in the game!
Great work guys! ^-^
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Saurabha_Patida 1/29/2016 14:52 | Show all posts
This new version update is very much helpfull
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Dieselweasel 1/29/2016 21:25 | Show all posts
Also the ability to modify the current apk and use lightning to 1 shot kill enemies. Mail exploits. Alliance hopping. Bat glitches. Playback glitches. Network errors. War connection problems. The list goes on enjoy
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GrantRoper 3/29/2016 18:31 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
A crystal mine for alliances would be great, much like the already present bloodstone mine. Spell points take a very long time to recover, especially when you're fighting high level opponents in the daily alliance wars. A reduction of that recovery time wud be fantastic.
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Giansebal 7/13/2016 02:44 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Más facilidades para gemas verdes
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